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This post will address two points that some give in opposition to expository preaching.

The Sunday morning sermon is not a Ph.D. seminar or a demonstration of the preacher’s intellectual capacity.

An expository sermon should always have the biblical text guide the flow of the sermon.

Expository preaching forces the preacher to show Jesus on every page

My resolution for 2020 is simple: let my speech be gracious so that it will be Christ who shines through me.

This shutdown, however long it may last, should cause us to remember how essential the ministry of the local church is to us.

The most important thing to remember during our hopeful return is that we’re not gathering for solely for ourselves.

“The youth group is dying, so we’re leaving,” is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Panic sets in for parents when their kids complain about church. Despite good intentions, the results are often dreadful.