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Sunday School and Seminars

We offer Sunday School classes and Sunday Seminars for all ages at 9:30am, right before our morning worship gathering.

Sunday School

Our Sunday School classes are probably what you are picturing in your head if you've been in a Sunday School class before—a time for our church members to get together with one another. It's a way to dig into the Scriptures and fellowship with each other.

You can click the names of the classes below if you'd like more info about when and where a class meets.

Fellowship Class

Intended for: Senior adults.


Intended for: All ages.

Senior Adult Ladies' Class

This class is currently on hold.
Intended for: Senior adult women.

Sunday Seminars

Our Sunday Seminars are lecture-style classes where we teach about discipleship, Christian history and theology, engaging the world, and Christian living. The courses offered here will rotate regularly—the intention is that you may come and go as you please based on whichever class is available to you on a given week. Of course, if you want to stay for the duration of an entire class, you are more than welcome!

Below are a list of upcoming seminars and how long they are.

Course Name Duration Room Number
Living as A Church

13 weeks
(Resuming 3/7/21)


Systematic Theology 26 Weeks
(Dates TBA)
Not yet assigned
Neighboring 5 Weeks
(Dates TBA)
Not yet assigned
Evangelism 13 Weeks
(Dates TBA)
Not yet assigned
Apologetics 7 Weeks
(Dates TBA)
Not yet assigned