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Jan 8, 2023 Speaker: Chandler Warren Scripture: Malachi 3:8–10 Series: The Heart of Giving

Gold, Silver, Moth, and Fire

Jan 1, 2023 Speaker: Ryan Roach Scripture: James 5:1–6 Series: The Heart of Giving

The Coming of Eternal Justice and Righteousness

Dec 25, 2022 Speaker: Ryan Roach Scripture: Isaiah 9:2–7 Series: Advent 2022

Has God Abandoned Us?

Dec 18, 2022 Speaker: Chandler Warren Scripture: Isaiah 7:10–17 Series: Advent 2022

Coming Home to a Place We've Never Been Before

Dec 11, 2022 Speaker: Ryan Roach Scripture: Isaiah 35:1–10 Series: Advent 2022

Peace, Justice, and Love from a Stump

Dec 4, 2022 Speaker: Ryan Roach Scripture: Isaiah 11:1–10 Series: Advent 2022

Walking in the Light of Christ's Advent

Nov 27, 2022 Speaker: Chandler Warren Scripture: Isaiah 2:1–5 Series: Advent 2022

A Good Servant of Christ Jesus

Nov 20, 2022 Speaker: Ryan Roach Scripture: 1 Timothy 4:6–10 Series: 1 Timothy

The Dangers of Departing From the Faith

Nov 13, 2022 Speaker: Ryan Roach Scripture: 1 Timothy 4:1–5 Series: 1 Timothy

Confessing the Mystery

Nov 6, 2022 Speaker: Ryan Roach Scripture: 1 Timothy 3:14–16 Series: 1 Timothy

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New Testament

Primary Speakers

Cody Barnhart | Director of Music and Media

Cody grew up attending First Baptist Alcoa with his family. He is a graduate of Midwestern College (B.A.). He is a PhD candidate at the University of Aberdeen, where he studies a c...

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Chandler Warren | Senior Pastor/Elder

Chandler is an Oklahoma native who loves living in Eastern Tennessee. Before becoming the Senior Pastor at FBA, he served as a Student Pastor in Southeastern OK and as the Pastor t...

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Guest Primary Speakers

Ryan Roach | Lead Pastor (2019–2023)

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Voddie Baucham | Dean of Theology, African Christian University

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Daniel Darling | Director, Land Center for Cultural Engagement (SWBTS)

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Charles Fowler | President, Carson Newman University

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Micah Fries | Director of Engagement at and the Director of Programs at the Multi-Faith Neighbor’s Network

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Tanner Millican | Youth Pastor, Mount Olive Baptist Church

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Madison Pierce | Associate Professor of New Testament, Western Seminary

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Rhyne Putman | Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, Williams Baptist University

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Nick Rundlett | Associate Pastor of Discipleship, Centerville Christian Fellowship

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Fred Sanders | Professor, Torrey Honors College

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Brandon Smith | Assistant Professor of Theology and New Testament, Cedarville University

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Jim Snyder | Director of Missions, Chilhowee Baptist Association

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Corey Staton | Pastor to Students and Families (2019–2021)

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