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Our Values and Affiliations

Listed below are some of our values and affiliations. You can think of these things as the DNA of First Baptist Alcoa.


The story of Jesus’s perfect life, death, and resurrection to save sinners is the fundamental message the church has to offer the world. We believe the gospel is what guides us. Pastor and theologian Ray Ortlund says in his book The Gospel, “Every generation must pick up their Bibles and rediscover the gospel afresh for themselves and rearticulate the ancient message in their own words for their own times.” We think this is spot on, which is why we make the gospel the centralizing force behind everything we do.

Discipleship through theological study

In order to know God more deeply, we have to understand who God is. Right theology rooted in Scripture is the heartbeat of a healthy local church. Discipleship is meaningless if it’s oriented toward a God of our own making. Because of this, we exercise care in selecting songs packed with rich theology, recommend resources from trustworthy teachers, and encourage our members to read deeply and widely. We believe the Word of God does not return void and can cultivate change in the life of even the most stubborn sinner, which is why we believe discipleship and theological study go hand-in-hand.

Christ-centered relationships

The thing that unites us to one another is our union with Christ. As we grow in Christlikeness, we ought to grow in unity with our brothers and sisters in the church. We don’t think church should be reduced to a social club or a hobby—it’s the place God has chosen for us to confess our sins, bear one another’s burdens, and grow in our faithfulness.

Other affirmations and affiliations

First Baptist Alcoa affirms several historical documents of the Christian church, including the five solas of the Reformation:

  • Scripture alone (sola Scriptura)
  • Christ alone (solus Christus)
  • Grace alone (sola gratia)
  • Faith alone (sola fide)
  • God’s glory alone (soli Deo gloria)

Our staff and elders have also benefitted from a few external networks and organizations that equip and resource believers to live on mission. Click to learn more about each:
Southern Baptist Convention
9 Marks