Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

With the situation surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) changing rapidly, we wanted to provide you with a short update about how First Baptist Alcoa is handling it. Any changes or updates will be added to this page.

We have decided to cancel all activities through April 5. In consideration of the CDC guidelines to suspend all gatherings of ten or more people, we believe this is in the best interest of our congregation's health and wellbeing.

We plan to have a livestream of the sermon available for these Sundays. It's our anticipation that our members will dedicate time with their families to worship alongside the livestream—because of this, we will be sending out a packet including songs to sing with your family, lessons and activities to conduct with your children, and a guided prayer topic for each week.

As you know, this means we will not have our weekly in-service offering. Even still, we strongly encourage you to give online through the end of the month so we can continue to meet our financial needs. Likewise, if you have found yourself in a difficult financial situation because of the outbreak, please let us know how we can help you.

We encourage you, if you are able, to serve those who are elderly, have autoimmune issues, or shut-ins during this time of suspended activities. Many of them will likely be unable to do their weekly tasks without risking exposure—things like grocery shopping or staying stocked on essentials. If you would like to find the best ways to serve our church, please contact

Lastly, we are asking that you be in prayer that the outbreak remains controllable in Blount County, that those in the medical community will be equipped to handle the virus, and that God's will be done in our community.

In all things, let us give glory to God who is good and offered a Savior to rescue us from sin.

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