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At the heart of bearing others burdens is a proper understanding of the gospel as the answer to our greatest self-inflicted burden, sin.

I’ve heard it said that if you want to figure out a church’s theology, you can simply watch their worship service. Here are five simple ways to help revitalize your worship services.

Usually, the gospel-fix isn’t the quickest fix.

Is it possible that being unable to gather might actually make our community stronger?

The gospel is the most important thing, and that should guide us in the ballot box as much as it does in the pew.

Cultural Christianity attempts to boil down faith to a simple title of “Christian” when in reality being a believer in the finished work of Christ affects everything about your life.

Learn to stop overlooking the small words of Scripture. Take it from me: they just might save your life.

The most important thing to remember during our hopeful return is that we’re not gathering for solely for ourselves.

If you are dealing with doubt about your salvation, whatever the cause, run to Christ knowing that you can trust the promises of God

Coronavirus may prevent us from gathering together for corporate worship for a time, but it cannot prevent us from proclaiming the gospel through equipping the saints and evangelizing the lost.