Sparks is the Awana Club designed for children in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. The Sparks program is firmly grounded in Scripture, and thus takes kids a step deeper into God’s Word.

This program has an entrance booklet called Flight 3:16, and three handbooks: “The HangGlider”, “The WingRummer”, and “The Climber.” In 3 years, a child witll learn and review over 65 Bible verses. We allow clubbers to do four sections in their handbooks each club night with Sparks working at their own pace in their handbooks.

Sparks club meetings combine learning with fun to create an atmosphere of irresistible excitement. Each club night consists of three segments:

  • Handbook Time – Clubbers say their verses and get their sections signed off
  • Game-time – Clubbers will play unique Awana games
  • Lesson Time – Clubbers are presented with an exciting Bible story

Clubbers are given an opportunity to earn Awana money. At check-in time, they earn a “buck” for each of the following:

  1. being at club
  2. wearing their uniform
  3. bringing their Bible
  4. bringing their handbook
  5. bringing a friend

They also receive a “buck” when they finish a section in their handbook. Sparks can spend their Awana money at the Awana store on one designated night in December and again in May.

Our Sparks clubbers have several things unique to them – themed uniformed, songs, pledges, yells, special weekly themes, and occasional contests with prizes. Your Sparks clubber can also excel and earn Sparks wings, jewels, ribbons, and trophies.

An outline of the Sparks curriculum can be seen HERE on the Awana website.