One of the best ways of connecting with the FBA believers is through our various “Equipping-U” classes. The curriculum changes from term-to-term, but the content is always based on listening to God speak to us through our everyday lives. Give us a call at 865.982.2661 to see if our current course offering brings something new and fresh to your life.


The purpose of adult Sunday School is to connect you with a caring community of other believers. While we greatly value the preaching of God’s Word in corporate worship, we also value each individual living the Word in relationships with other members. A Sunday School class provides the environment for you to put names with faces, become better acquainted with other believers, and share the joys and sorrows of life with those who call First Baptist Alcoa their home. If God is leading you to be part of this church, then let us help you take the next step in getting connected.


Looking for a Bible study group?

Take a look at the following Bible study groups available to our adults at FBA. From the smallest group to the largest, there’s sure to be something that will fit your needs and your desires.

Class Name: Southern Friends
Teachers: Cindy and Denny Mayes, Dwain & Judy Coppenger
Age Range: 45-65
Average Class Size: 30+
Room Number: 108
Emphasis: Studying life truths From God’s word by bringing Christ to the center of our homes, and strengthen families to handle life issues in today’s world. Characteristics: Interactive class with discussion. Mission-minded helping wherever help is needed within our class, church, surrounding community, and beyond.
Social Aspect: Monthly socials ranging from couples night out to total family enjoyment.
Class Name: Young Couples
Jonathan and Stacy Greene
Age Range:
Average Class Size: 10+
Room Number: 
In-depth Bible study; prayer
Characteristics: Interactive teaching and discussion
Social Aspect: Monthly get-togethers and a variety of activities.
Class Name: Kitchen Fellowship
Teacher: Michael Scott
Age Range: 30-55
Average Class Size: 14
Room Number: Room 101
Emphasis: Prayer, lecture, discussions.
Characteristics: “Laid-back,” small group, loving, friendly.
Social Aspect: Seasonal socials, service projects.
Class Name: Truth Seekers
Teacher: Mickey Anderson
Age Range: 60-70
Average Class Size: 12
Room Number:107
Emphasis: Bible study with Application to today’s world.
Characteristics: Group discussion as an aid to worship.
Class Name: Fellowship Class

Teacher: Steve Fugate
Age Range: 60-74
Room Number: 301
Emphasis: In-depth Bible study; Bible history; prayer;
caring for others.
Love; helping those with spiritual and physical needs.
Social Aspect: Potluck socials; Christmas breakfast.

 Don Walker
Age Range: 50-60
Average Class Size: 12
Room Number: 206
Emphasis: Discussion, Lifeway curriculum, topical study, prayer, involvement in church activities.
Characteristics: Friendly people, interactive teaching style, servant-hearted people, commitment to prayer, very supportive and compassionate class members.
Social Aspects: Get-togethers, prayer, social/relational activities.
Class Name: Dorcas Class
Teacher: Jo Anne White
Age Range: Senior adult ladies
Average Class Size: 14
Room Number: Room 103-A
Emphasis: Study of the Holy Bible With some attention to historical context. An understanding of the unchanging truth of  God’s Holy Word as revealed in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ. Support and encourage the application of those truths in daily living.
Characteristics: Warm, welcoming atmosphere with caring, prayerful support of one another. Concern for the unsaved and needy.
Social Aspect: Care groups, occasional casual luncheon.

Class Name: BYKOTA (Be Ye Kind One To Another)
Teacher: Rotation
Age Range: 50-60
Average Class: Size: 25+
Room Number: 305
Emphasis: Bible study, fellowship, missions, prayer. Our lecture/discussion Bible studies follow Lifeway’s “LifeTruths: Bible Studies for Life” quarterly lesson plans. Making practical application of the Truth of God’s Word to our daily living.
Characteristics: The Bible is the inspired, inerrant, infallible, immutable Word of God and is our standard for faith, practice, and testing all teachings.
Social Aspect: A caring fellowship with a servant’s heart. Breakfast provided by different members each week. Planned fellowships help build quality relationships as we grow in God’s grace.
Class Name: The Joy Class
Teacher: Nancy Terrier
Age Range: Senior Adult Ladies
Average Class Size: 8
Room Number: 103-B
Emphasis: Bible study. We use “Explore the Bible” series. Contact with all members weekly. Maintain close contact through sickness. Birthday cards, etc.
Characteristics: Fellowship. Most in class are widows. We participate in special needs: local Baptist center food needs, King’s Academy offering in February, etc.
Social Aspect: Usually three social events per year.