Vision, Mission & Values

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Our Vision:
Giving Life Away!

Our Mission:
Responding to the life Christ gave us by walking humbly with Him and releasing life to others.



Where We Have Been

First organized as a church in 1912 as “Fairview Baptist Church,” the nine founding members rented Green’s School for their meetings. God’s guidance, along with many pastors, buildings and programs, have led our church body to the place where it is today.

But More Importantly … Where Are We Going?

Through everything we do, everything we say, everything we preach, we pray that the light of Christ will shine forth and not ourselves. We sacrificially live our lives directing others and their attention to our Savior in the hope that He will become real to them and that they will relinquish their wills and their lives to the One true God who already has a plan for their lives.

As with any family, we have our ups and downs, but at the base of it all, we have the love of God which binds us together in an overcoming Spirit of unity in directing others to Him. We hope that, after prayer, you will consider joining our family if God so leads. In the event that you do not, we still rejoice that whatever you do, you will be in God’s Will and will be following His plan for your life.